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Kikskin Kompetitor

Gold-Weave Jiu-Jitsu Gi


Kikskin introduces its first Gold-Weave competition uniform. This uniform offers a lightweight (breathable) one-piece top with a traditional Brazilian-Cut design. (short skirt, tight sleeves, tapered body, thick lapel). Pants are tapered for competition and thick for durability. This uniform is ideal for competition, but may be used for everyday training. Uniform includes embroideries and front lapel patch.


$129.95 (KS-05KW)

*white belt not included.


$149.95 (KS-05KB)

*white belt not included.



$139.95 (KS-05BU)

*white belt not included.




Kikskin Belts
$18.95 (KS-BELT)

Gi belts with embroidered scot K logo and circle-k logo label.

Color & Size:

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Kompetitor Single Weave Junior Single Weave Size Chart
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